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GingerTARDIS Step-by-Step

One of the traditional decorations this time of year, at least where I live, is the gingerbread house. Baked, hardened, assembled and decorated, these confections are really a sight to behold.
So now that the holiday season is upon us, I was looking forward to decorating my own baked dwelling.
When my mom suggested (possibly jokingly) that I do the TARDIS.
It was brilliant. The perfect way to geekify one of my favorite holidays!
Sunday evening and Monday afternoon were devoted to the creation of this:

Shipping is SRS BSNS

Hey everyone, you all need to go out and join the Supernatural Rarepair Shipfest. It's a fanworks competition for all of the SPN pairings that need a little more love. It doesn't matter what you ship (as long as it isn't Wincest, Destiel or Sabriel) or what you make! If you do something cool and you ship, WE WANT YOU TO JOIN. Signups are closing soon, so do hurry!

FIC: Brighter Burning Stars 1/1

Title: Brighter Burning Stars
Fandom: Thor (technically Norse Mythology), Captain America (most recent film 'verse)
Characters/Pairing: Hel, Steve Rogers, Bucky, Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, Baldr Steve Rogers/Hel (mouse over to reveal)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: She loved him (because who could look upon this man and not love him?), in her own way. In the end, that was what made the difference.
Notes: Hello! It's been a while since I've had something actually productive to post here. XD This is my first fic for the Thor kinkmeme, an my prompt was
        "I am probably setting myself up for a lot of angst and misery here... but could someone please write a fanific in which Hel is in           love?"
So I did. Here it is. The title comes from Dessa's beautiful song "Kites"

It's just dust in the end, walking home and dodging carsCollapse )

On figuring shit out.

I think I've finally figured out why I've been so depressed/bipolar lately, and I feel like kind of a douche.
See, I was feeling like shit all afternoon and really unhappy about LARP and basically everything, and seriously considering not coming back to school next semester and just getting a job, taking some time off, that sort of thing.
And then I went on the internet, and ONTD_ST was there for me with a lovely party (and my feels about that are a whole other thing entirely), I got knitting done and watched some supernatural, and I felt better. I felt SO MUCH BETTER. Like, all those awful feelings just evaporated and floated off my heart like so much noxious smoke. (That's right, party posts relieve depression!)

And then my roommate came back from the meeting and it all came crashing back. Like, I got two words in before her aura or something just strangled me.
I love my roommate, and she's like a sister to me. She is one of the most cheerful and friendly people I know. But clearly living with her is not healthy for me. I've reached that point of surety where I KNOW I need to get out. (I'm usually indecisive as fuck)

I have no idea if I'm even going to tell her this, though.
Anyhow, I'm going to revel in my happiness, however temporary it may be.
I like to knit. I like to make things for people. You'd think that these two inclinations would work well for one another, and most of the time they do.

Except for right now. Because I have so many things on my knitting plate that I basically will be knitting until my hands fall off. I'm not sad or angry about this, I just hope I can work fast enough to get my gifts done on time!
Here's what I've got going on, and there's a bit of a theme:

-Baby blanket as a thank-you to one of my professors (seriously one of the best professors I've ever had)
-Bibs and
-A baby cardigan for my hairdresser (it's a long story)
-A stuffed bird for my Mom
-A stuffed Corgi for my brother
-A bag for my friend Anne
-A as-yet-undetermined something for my soul sister Sandy
-A dice bag for my friend Ryan.

I'm working on the baby things first because I really want those to be finished while they can still be used, and luckily I'm halfway through the bibs (whoot whoot 2-hour projects!) and I've started the blanket.

Let's do this shit.


Hello Livejournal, it's been a while!

I'm just writing because I need to complain. And as I'm pretty sure every user gets about three posts where they can bitch unreservedly and not be judged, I'd like to make one now. Here's the story.

My LARP group was recently invited to paritcipate in a weekend quest with the local Alliance chapter. I wasn't planning on going, because even though I love LARP, I just don't have the time right now to go to PA and disregard school for a weekend. Among the people who went was my roommate, so since my room was going to be empty this weekend I was going to use the solitude to record podfics (I'm in the middle of Boden's Mate RN, and I just got permission to record The Weight of Water. I am ecstatic). I was wicked excited.

Enter Wednesday night. Our club had a night quest in the woods, and since woods at night freak me out like nothing else, I elected to be the person who stayed behind at the starting point and watched over the belongings, also RPing with anyone who also didn't want to go in the woods. No one stayed behind, so I worked on an essay for my lit class (about Alexander Pushkin, if anyone's interested). And it was really frickin' cold. I don't know if any of you have ever been to New York, specifically Binghamton, but the weather is not particularly kind. It gets wicked cold wicked early, and while I generally like the cold, it was the opposite of fun that night. After the quest, my hands were hardly usable and it took a good ten minutes for the blood to return to one of my fingers. I had been a little sniffly earlier in the week, so my one thought was "Well damn, that was dumb. I should not have done that."

Thursday morning, I didn't go to any of my classes because I felt gross. Later that evening, my friends came over and we played D&D until one in the morning, then they all slept over. It was the best.

Friday morning, and we went off to IHOP for breakfast and Target for necessities, and I knew something was awry. Helping my roomate get ready, I felt worse and worse. When she confirmed that I did in fact have a fever, I knew that this weekend was not going to be fun. I took a nap at 4 PM when she left, and didn't wake back up until eleven, missing several messages from someone I really should be talking to, and now my voice sounds icky so I can't record anything.

So here I am, sick abed, and pissed off at a lot of things. At the fact that it feels like I'm on fire, at the fact that I was too dumb to sit in someone's car that night, at the fact that I'm by myself (in case you haven't noticed, I'm something of an attention/sympathy whore), the fact that this, combined with my laziness, is cutting me off from friendships that I'd really like to make and ones I want to keep. at a lot of things.


I'm gonna go back to sleep before I say anything else dumb. Please forgive any spelling/grammar errors.


FST: running in (social) circles

This is the second fanmix I made for lemniciate's mixtape exchange. Once again, I took an XMFC prompt.

This was my prompt:

High School AU. Alex is the jock, Hank is the geek, they're both hot, etc.

So I ran with it. What else could I do?

Kiss me foolCollapse )
There is a marvelous mixtape exchange going on at lemniciate  lemniciate 's journal right here, and I signed up to make two! Both of them are X-Men: First Class themed, and while I feel woefully inadequate due to my lack of shiny cover art, I hope it pleases!

This was my prompt:
post-divorce: songs about how Erik and Charles miss each other.

I'm so depressing.



I remember the desperate things we didCollapse )

Heeeeey-ask me things.

Alright lovelies, I am feeling super tired and generally uncreative as of late. I blame my job.
But to help remedy this, I swiped this meme:

Top Five Things Meme: in which you ask me what my top five is (top five favorite bands, shows, ships, songs, celebrity crushes, flavors of ice cream, what ever you wanna know about me) and I respond with explanations and/or minipicspams.

But here's where I swing it a bit. I'll add a poem/ficlet/piece of prose to each answer. Please specify what you'd like in the comment. :D

I wish I was popular enough that I would actually get some response to this but hope springs eternal I guess


FIC: Magnetic

Title: Magnetic
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairing: Rose/Ten.5,
Rating: PG-13, light R for implied goings-on and naked Doctor.
Summary: What else are you supposed to do with letter magnets if your child can’t read?
Notes: This has been sitting in my “you need to actually do something with this” pile for quite a while. Seriously, it's been there for months. Thankfully, the ficathon at doctor_rose_fix gave me the impetus to get this done. I'm glad my brain drippings were what someone wanted to read for once. :)



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